The Consultation

It is very important that you meet your potential rhinoplasty surgeon. This consultation will assist you to make the decision whether to undergo a rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is important that you come prepared for this meeting. Beforehand, write down all questions you may have. Listen carefully, what the surgeon tells you and understand his reasoning. Observing the office facility, the staff and the plastic surgeon may give you important non-verbal clues about the true office philosophy, care and professionalism. Come alone if you can focus best one-on-one; bring a significant other or a truly concerned friend if this gives you additional comfort.

Fechner Rhinoplasty Consultation

How Many Rhinoplasty Consultations Should You Have

If your best friend had a rhinoplasty with only positive things to report, then you may only want to see this particular facial plastic surgeon. Still, listen carefully what the doctor tells you about your specific situation. If you get good references from acquaintances, you may need to visit 2 or 3 cosmetic surgeon. But if you have no direct referral but find surgeon’s names in the yellow pages, more consultations may be required until you find the rhinoplasty surgeon that “feels” right for you. Certainly, do not stop until you feel entirely comfortable and satisfied.

What to Expect from Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Every plastic surgeon has a different approach to this initial consultation. In some offices, you will meet an assistant who “preps you” for the doctor. Although this may save time for the surgeon, it certainly limits your time to get to know the doctor. In other practices, the cosmetic surgeon will be the one that discusses your health status with you, performs the examination and discusses the procedure itself in detail. Photos usually will be taken. Whatever the philosophy of the plastic surgeon, you should leave at the end with the following information:

  • Is the plastic surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty surgery?
  • What rhinoplasty procedure would this doctor perform – open or closed?
  • Where does the surgeon perform the rhinoplasty procedure?
  • What method of anesthesia will be applied?
  • What is the recovery time?
  • What is a realistic improvement that you can expect? Which of my concerns would not be addressed?
  • What are the potential risks for rhinoplasty?
  • What is the approximate cost?
  • How far in advance should you schedule?

What is the Consultation Fee?

Fees for consultations with a rhinoplasty specialist vary widely from zero to a few hundred dollars. In most cases, the fee will be applied to a future surgery, if you decide to go ahead with the particular doctor. Do not consider the consult fee a waste but rather money well spent in preparation for your rhinoplasty. This is part of your education and research. Most busy surgeons have consultation fees because they provide a service for you even in the case that you walk out and decide to have your rhinoplasty with another facial plastic surgeon.

What if You Forgot Something…

There are many reasons, why you may want to return for a second visit. Most surgeons either schedule a second visit routinely or offer a second visit to their patients. You should have all questions answered before your procedure. You need to feel comfortable about what to expect and be absolutely sure that you made the right decision.

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