Experience and Skill Influences Rhinoplasty Fees

The cost for nasal reshaping surgery varies quite widely depending on the facial plastic surgeon’s skill and experience. Although this does not represent a rule, a rhinoplasty performed by a more experienced surgeon may be pricier than if performed by a surgeon in training. Also, the rhinoplasty fees if performed by the occasional rhinoplasty surgeon may be less than if performed by a specialist in this operation. In addition, the extent and complexity of rhinoplasty surgery may play a role in the surgical fees. But keep in mind that less dramatic nasal changes may not necessarily mean an “easier” rhinoplasty procedure. Therefore, relatively minor nasal alterations may not automatically mean a lower surgeon’s fee. Prices may change as you enter different regions or cities in the United States. Nasal surgery may be offered for significantly less in other countries.

Do Not Choose Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon Based on Cost Alone!

The rhinoplasty cost cannot be predicted accurately until the surgeon performs an examination and develops a surgical plan. Although true financial realities exist for everybody, a rhinoplasty is not the time for bargain shopping. The one or two thousand dollars you may “save” when choosing what appears to be a thrifty surgeon will mean nothing to you after you had an undesirable experience or suboptimal result. Similarly, a plastic surgeon with high-end prices may not necessarily guarantee a superior result. The prices may rather reflect the surgeon’s exuberant advertising and practice overhead. So, your reasonable judgment will be of utmost importance, financial considerations should come second.

The overall rhinoplasty cost may range from $5,000 to $9,000. This cost often covers three fees: surgical fee, anesthesia fee, and facility fee. The anesthesia fee ranges from $700 to $1,100, the facility fee ranges from $800 to $1,250, and the rest represents the surgeon’s fee.

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