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What is the Goal of Rhinoplasty?

Simply put, there are three goals for any rhinoplasty:

1. Reshape and restructure the nose such that it will better fit the person’s face and body
2. Proper nasal function
3. Ensure a long-lasting attractive nose.
An attractive nose actually does not draw attention to it but rather provides elegant facial balance and allows the eyes to shine. Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures with hundreds of thousand nasal operations performed each year. In addition, many books have been written about how to revise a nose that has been operated on before but lacks the desired outcome. (see Revision Rhinoplasty)

Who will benefit from Nasal Reshaping Surgery?

Most rhinoplasties are performed in younger patients, usually when they are in their twenties or thirties. Some teenagers seek rhinoplasty and more and more people consider a “nose lift” (Aging Rhinoplasty link) as part of their facial rejuvenation efforts. An appropriate rhinoplasty candidate has thought about improving the nasal appearance for a while and has realistic expectations. Because this is an elective procedure, one should be in the best possible physical condition beforehand.

What does a good nose look like?

Today, most people are seeking a natural looking nose that works. The skinny and pinched nose that is overly turned up is “out”; the non-surgical looking handsome nose is “in”. Some patients even desire improvements that stay shy of the perfect textbook nose. For instance, it is not unusual for people to wish for changes where the nose still carries ethnic characteristics but improves the overall facial aesthetics. And we all know of celebrities that went to far…

About your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

After you decided that you want to undergo a rhinoplasty, the decision for the right surgeon is the next important step. There are many qualified surgeons to choose from for a rhinoplasty. The training background of your surgeon will decide his or her specialty. Today, most nasal operations are performed by ENT surgeons and facial plastic surgeons. General plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasties, too. Although the surgeon’s specialty is important for the expertise, even more essential is your surgeon’s experience with the specific procedure you are looking for. Click here to learn more about rhinoplasty surgeons.

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