Other Procedures Performed with Rhinoplasty

Quite frequently, rhinoplasty is performed in conjunction with other facial plastic procedures. Most frequently, the experienced surgeon will assess the patient’s entire facial aesthetics to discuss options which will directly influence the overall improvement of one’s face together with nasal reshaping surgery. Keep in mind that a rhinoplasty is really not performed to give you a beautiful nose but to enhance you overall facial aesthetics. Obviously, there is a fine line between somebody trying to “sell you something” and the concerned surgeon who wants to educate you about options so that you can make the best possible decision. For instance, if you see a plastic surgeon for your nose and he starts suggesting a facelift or Botox, this may be far off from your area of concern. Facial enhancements that should always be evaluated when considering cosmetic nasal surgery is the lower face and neck profile. Therefore, procedures classically combined with rhinoplasty address the lips, chin and lower neck regions.

Chin Implantation (Chin Augmentation)

Most commonly, one of the rhinoplasty goals is to improve the facial profile. This can be achieved by removing a nasal bump, de-projecting the nose or improving a droopy appearing nose. When the chin is too small, enhancing this region with a chin implant can lead to added benefit. Augmentation of the chin can improve the overall balance and proportion of the face and can significantly improve definition of the chin-neck angle, one of the pleasing youthful features in the lower face. In a man, a strong chin is desirable; in a woman, a slightly smaller chin may be more aesthetically pleasing. The specific choice of chin implant can further add to the success of the of chin enhancement surgery. The implant is usually placed through the same small and well-hidden incision under the chin. Various materials are used for chin implants, most commonly silastic and Goretex.

Liposuction of Neck

People with fullness of the area under the chin may benefit from gentle liposuction for enhancement of chin-neck-angle definition. Submental (i.e., under the chin) liposuction is performed through a tiny incision under the chin. Improvements can be dramatic depending on the amount of excess fat present. Sometimes, both neck liposuction and placement of a chin implant are performed together with rhinoplasty.

Lip Enhancement

Although not as common a concern as chin implant and neck liposuction, lip reduction or lip volume augmentation can boost the overall improvement obtained from a rhinoplasty. Lip reduction is usually a procedure performed in African-American patients. Caucasians are commonly concerned with lips lacking volume and therefore they wish to add some volume.

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